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Signature fields in contact forms

With the signature fields the users to sign with the mouse or directly in the touchscreens. The Contact Form to Email has an add-on for adding signature fields to the contact forms.

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Identify and fix a plugin conflict in WordPress

Not all the WordPress plugins and themes are well implemented following the WordPress guidelines, for that reason the conflicts between plugins are very frequent.

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Character encoding in exported CSV/Excel files

The Contact Form to Email that has many CSV based reports, an option to export data to CSV/Excel files. If you experience problems with the character encoding of the exported files, here is the info of how to fix it.

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Emails not sent from a WordPress plugin, what to do?

The plugin uses the settings specified into the WordPress website to deliver the emails. If the emails aren't being reaching to their destination check in this article how to proceed.

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How to customize the contact form styles?

The Contact Form to Email plugin for WordPress features various options to customize the contact form styles: form design templates and easy ways to apply custom CSS styles.

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Sending email to different recipients in Contact Form to Email

The Contact Form to Email plugin has a feature for sending the contact email to a recipient based in the selection made on a drop-down, radiobutton or checkbox field on the form.

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